STOP !!!! The battery farming of dogs


What’s are the Puppies Mills ? A puppy mill is a large farm profit where puppies are mass-produced and this in substandard accommodation.

The purpose of a puppy mill is to produce more puppies as possible by generating a minimum cost and maximum benefit to the operator. A puppy mill can not and does not meet the needs of a dog and is certainly a blatant form of cruelty.
A widespread problem
The majority of breeding females spend their entire lives in small filthy cages without exercise, love or human contact. They are almost always coupled to their first heat cycle of six to twelve months and mated continuously every heat cycle until their tired bodies and exhausted eventually become unable to produce enough puppies. This usually occurs between the ages of four and six years. At this point, they are no longer profitable and are simply killed or left to die, as are male dogs unsold.





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