Stray Dogs Issue ( Mexico & Ukraine)

Because denouncing is a Luxury

Luxury Dog The Blog raise his voice!

Luxury Dog The Blog, bring you today to Mexico to talk about the important topic of the stray dogs… an alarming situation.


With more than 115 millions citizens Mexico is one of the most populous countries in Latin America , but also one of the most populous countries in terms of stray dogs with an estimate of 13 millions dogs has delivered themselves accross the country.

Attacks, thefts , accidents, fear, & parasites, these populations have became a real security & health problem, so much that the shelters are overwhelmed. Volunteers and veterinarians regularly launch Sterilization campaigns allowing reduced cost of operations,but despite these help, the situation doesn’t improve enough to solve the problem. For many years, in some states of the country, the found dogs were electrocuted or killed by injection automatically. However, this solution is very inefficient, and could even increase the problem. It has been noticed that when a pack disappeared from its territory, a new group then settled on the same land, and may developed extensively… That is why the work of vets teams for sterilization of the dogs is paramount and funds are required through donations


Today, another problem is appearing, some citizens think they can settle the problem themselves, and stop this animals extension, by killing them or worse, torturing them and leave the animals to die in the street.

The case of Angelito:

Recently a dog named Angelito, has intercept the medias interest to such an extent that its history has exceeded the boundaries and is published by many international websites. Angelito was recovered in August 2013 in the state of Baja California Ensenada. Burned on the back with a lighter and cigarettes, burned and torn eyes, then the penis cut with a knife, the dog was found in a terrible state, near death. The head of the canine clinical area Hector Manuel Lopez Carrillo obviously responded to such torture on animals :

“This is the first time the center rescue an animal showing signs of torture so high. Daily we collect injured animals in poor condition because they are sick or have been hit by cars, but in this case, torture is clearly established “



Dozens of petitions around the world are already online on the web and social networks like Facebook to seek justice and a true evolution of legislation in the country.

This sad example is the reality of some dogs in Mexico and is going to continue for years, if awareness campaigns and laws do not grow in this direction.

Unfortunately, Mexico is not an exception and the example of Euro2012, football championship, is frightening. Ukraine, preparing  the International sporting event and to improve the country’s image in front of the tourists who were arriving few months later, the government introduced a radical device to solve the problem of these stray dogs: a giant killing!


Thousands of dogs burnt, tortured, fed with poison and even buried alive, dying. 

The mayors of the mains cities have made ​​all possible efforts to decimate the populations during weeks and weeks. It will take several months for the government requests to stop this massacre, under pressure from the International community and thanks to the work of the influential association “30 million friends” who thanks to his petition has received more 70,000 signatures.

Currently, it is important to support organizations that fight every day against the above marks daily violation of animal rights.
Being Volunteer or donate to one of the many associations can make a difference.
As for the fight against puppy mills, the adoption of these dogs is once again one of the best solutions.

Stop the massacre
Adopt them,
Make a donation,
Be a volunteer.


Paws Up for the future


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