The dogs, psychologists despite them?


While many public places still deny access to dogs, it is now proven that the presence of an animal  improves the health of the owner. During the International Conference on the Relationship between Man and Animal in 2009, in Glasgow, has been presented the study conducted in Germany and Australia in China, on 3 different continents. showing that dog owners consult 15-20 % less often their doctor. The results are similars and unanimous in theses three countries regarding the relationship between pet and human health .However, other studies complete and confirm this one, and it is certain that this positive influence exists .


Known for its social and educational role.
At first , the dog is a factor in the child developement . The animal allows the child to become aware of the other, and developed a sense of responsibility but also the attention to each other and respect. The World Health Organization has even supported studies in this direction in 1995 when Internationnale Conference on Relations between Man and Animal proving the serious of dogs roles


But animals are not only useful in families or through their relationship to the child. It is also increasingly necessary in nursing homes. Associations start to organize groups of visitors dogs, to break the wall of loneliness. The animal can further exchanges and bring support to isolated or elderly people.
However, as the Dr. Didier, Vernay Clermont Ferrand, in France, said “Animals do not cure, but simply help to improve things.”


The assistance provided to children and sick or disabled adults through the relationship to the animal is also recognized. If the Animal Facilitated Therapy is not a miracle cure , it remains a way to improve the condition of patients. The patient can see the dog not as a doctor, not as a personn present for a specific use, but as a help, involved in the improvement in his condition.

standard_Un chien redonne le sourire a un enfant malade

Each individual, old, young, healthy, sick, will be receptive to different signals from the animal, according to his culture, his past, his medical condition or even sensitivity and lets give him another hope for the future , self-confidence, and confidence in life.



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