Gourmet !

It’s been twenty years since the market of products for dogs was revolutionized by the arrival of the first accessories. Coats, T-Shirts, dresses but also costumes of all kinds, the dog became fashion victim despite himself. With several billion dollars a year, it is one of the most lucrative markets in the last two decades in the field of pets. First in Asia and the United States, the concept has been exported later in Europe and on other continents.
But in recent years a new trend is all the rage:

The Gastronomy for Dog

While our four-legged friends are now fully part of the family, the humanization of these is the maximum thrust with the trend of “dog – food”.
Luxury dog offers an overview of culinary products that we would like to keep to ourselves:

Made In Pet:


Made In Pet, was created by Marie and Philippe Henon. Made in France, Made In Pet cupcakes are hand made exclusively with natural ingredients, they are produced in the greatest care to be perfectly eatable and safe for our friends. Their flavor: Chicken, Beef, Lamb and Duck for salty, but also vanilla, raspberry or mango sweet.
There is also gluten-free Cupcakes
The first in France!

Lucky Dog:

Lucky Dog is a brand of natural products and healthy dog founded in 2010 in Mexico. Thanks to the high quality products, such as beef heart, grains and seeds , vegetables (carrots , potatoes , pumpkin etc . ) As well as Omega 3, Lucky Dog is a range of products that are healthy for our animals.

Louisdog :


From Korea and established in 2001, Louis Dog offers cookies and Jerky ( fillet roasted meat ) , low fat (max 4%). With a modern design, the brand is friendly and healthy: no additives, no sugar, no preservatives and not sunflower oil, the products are suitable for the most sensitive dogs.

Around the world, more and more people are getting into the culinary art dog. A promising market when we know the broad network of distribution possible (hotel for dogs, dog menu at some restaurants, pet shops and store concepts…)Trendy and often made ​​with a high quality food, gastronomy for dogs good day ahead!



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