Interiors pt.1

The arrival of a dog at home means to adapt your interior and find new things for him: bed, bowls, games, transport bag ….
Exciting shopping!

But finding design products, specially bowls  is often difficult for those who want something different & modern … Really basic or eccentric most of the time, we finally have to turn to the simple classic stainless steel or plastic bowls. Luxury Dog The Blog decided to give you some ideas and finally selected four of them modern and design.

Plexiglas, leather, wood or steel, 4 bowls, 4 design, 4 brands, 4 interiors.

docapet-dogear-diner-modern-raised-dog-feeder-1 docapet-dogear-diner-modern-raised-dog-feeder-2

Select your color and size with Docapet


 Choose your favorite wood with VurvDesign


Leather support with Wouappy Dept.


Translucide with the Mija Bowls by WowBow
(Available in difference size and colors)

See more at:

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