Kong your dog !

Everybody knows it, toys are essentials in the education of your dog, puppy or adult, the deal is the same they need to learn through the game. Dogs need to chew, to run, to think, analyze situations, through the game they can do it. Games renforce their minds and can calm the most nervous dog, but more than anything, his physical and mental health turn excellents.


Created in 1976, made of rubber 100% safe for your animal, and with a long lifetime, Kong Wobbler is one of the favorite (if it’s not THE favorite) game of dogs. But More than a game, Kong is a way to educate your dog, helping him to keep his mind busy, during your absence and training his mental.


The concept is simple, the Kong Wobbler is a blunt object, blank inside and with an opening. Put treats, or food inside, the smell of food, the noise by creating food inside will push the dog Kong stir, turn in all directions, trying to chew up ‘to release food. The irregularity of the curves caused by the Kong Wobbler Dog keeps the dog focused on these movements. Kong Wobbler is especially recommended for dogs who can not be left alone inside for hours without a destructive stage, by keeping their minds busy on another object furnitures or walls of the house.


Manolo the dog adopted by Luxury Dog The Blog, didn’t really knew how to use it, but quickly after few try, he understood that he needed to shake it to make the treats/food fall. Now Manolo, LOVES  his Kong, as millions dogs all over the world. The Kong Wobbler can be impressive by its size at first sight, big and heavy, but finally it’s like the changement it will do, big and impressive changements for your dog comportment!

Try it ! 😉

See more at:

Available in (almost) all petshops and online.
For more informations concerning the use of the Kong Wobbler for your dog talk with your veterinary, dog comportementalist or dog trainer.


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  2. We got one! Very got dog toy!

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