New Year’s Eve 2013-14 – The Beauty Issue!

December 31st is an opportunity for all to shine all night. Each prepared his best look for the night of the year and everything must be perfect. But what about your dog? The holidays year-end may be the opportunity of a makeover and for this, Luxury Dog The Blog  has selected for your four-legged friend a few products to be clean and smelling fresh during this special event. Let’s see it !


1. Dogtail shampoo (16$):
The natural and earth friendly clarifying dog shampoo made with soothing essential oils.
Free of harsh chemicals, restores natural shine, gentle cleansing, soothes dry & itchy fur, pure ingredients for sensitive skin, formula promotes a healthy coat
For all fur types.
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2. Deluxe Gift Box by Gordon MacIntyre:
Treat pets and pet lovers to a wonderful pet-bathing experience by giving them this beautiful lathering cleanser gift set. This will make the perfect gift for any gift-giving occasion. Each gift box comes in a branded wooden crate and includes a high absorbency pet towel that absorbs 15 times its own weight in liquid and adds sheen to a pet’s coat when used dry. Please note box may differ slightly than shown.All four 8 oz. bottles – Wild Gorse, Highlands Snowdrop, His Majesty’s Garden, Royal Hebrides.
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3. Aesop Animal (39$): 
Aesop the famous luxury beauty brand created a gentle fur cleanser for pampered pets.This mild skin and fur wash gently cleanses and deodorises. Made with the same assiduous attention to research and development as we apply to our products for humans.
Aroma: Fresh, with mint & citrus
Product texture: clear gel
Fur Feel: thoroughly cleansed, freshened
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