Photography: Edward Rios & L.A stray dogs

Luxury Dog The Blog discover this week “Edward Xr” on Instagram (@Luxurydogtheblog & @edwardxr).
Edward Xr lives in Los Angeles and photographs the stray dogs he meets in the street. For Luxury Dog The Blog he accepted to answer few questions about his passion. Discover below this short interview and some of his pictures.


Luxury Dog The Blog: Hi Edward, can you tell me little bit more about you, are you a photographer? a vet ? invest in a shelter or a dog friendly photographer during your free time ?
Edward Xr: I’ve been paid for shooting photos at times but I’ve never been a professional photographer. Currently I’m working in a vet office and before this I was an Animal Control Officer for some years.

L.D.T.B: How and When did you had the idea to take pictures of the stray dogs in LA?
E.X: I never really had the idea to go out and just photograph stray dogs in Los Angeles it just sort of came to be this way. I’ve always loved street photography and when I would go out in search of photos I would see these stray dogs and cats roaming around often alone and ignored by the people walking around so I started pointing my camera at them more and more.

L.D.T.B: I saw similar pictures with stray cats, do you have other project in this style in preparation like a book for example?
E.X: No real plans or projects yet I’ve just been having fun going out in search of my next photo.

Thank’s for you for your answers 😀

The work of Edward is really representative for Luxury Dog The blog, focused on the stray dogs through art and beauty. Edward has this talent to express 2 things through his photographies. First, the beauty of these dogs free and wild, and second, their loneliness, the solitude around them and the human ignorance they can live in. Luxury Dog The Blog felt in love at first sight of this mix of sad & beauty expressed by Edward’s photos on his Intagram account. More than pictures it’s a part of the reality and a remind to the famous ” save a life, don’t shop, ADOPT !”
unnamed-3 unnamed-2
All the photographies are the property of Edward Rx.



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