Every monday, Luxury Dog The Blog presents you a strong trend in recent fashion shows and offers you a selection of accessories for your dog, to be fully combined!

Eng: The blue makes his comeback this season SS14 for woman and man, shinny blue, light blue, dark blue, all intensity of blue are welcome and recommended….

Fra: Le bleu fait son retour cette saison PE14  pour la femme et l’homme, brillant, bleu clair, bleu foncé, tous intensité de bleu sont les bienvenus et recommandé ….

Esp: El azul hace su reaparición en esta temporada PV14 para la mujer y el hombre, brillante, azul claro, azul oscuro, toda la intensidad del azul son bienvenidos y recomendado ….

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Luxury Dog The Blog is a trendy Blog. Covering topics such as luxury, art, dog products, adoption but also problems of society, such as stray dogs, canine abandonment or animal rights. Latest trends, events or scandals, Luxury Dog The Blog ​​share the latest informations you should know. Luxury Dog is on Facebook too: On Instagram: @luxurydogtheblog And on twitter: @luxurydognews

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