Panda Paws Rescue – Duncan Lou Who

Panda Paws Rescue is a nonprofit specializing in Major medical, special need & hospice care. They´re an all-breed rescue! Rescue specializing in the more medically needy, special needs & hospice canines. They are a family run in-home rescue that consists of Amanda Giese, Gary Walters & their two children Beast (12yrs) & Jade (10yrs)! Occasionally they send their rescues to one of their amazing foster homes, but they truly do like to keep each rescue in their home from A-Z of their rescue experience!

Today, Luxury Dog The Dog is happy to show you this video of Duncan Loo Whoo, a Boxer born with a disformation of his back legs. DLW needed an amputation of his two back legs, but thanks to Panda Paws Rescue, he is now a healthy dog. See the video of his first day at the beach.

Financial contributions can be made on the PPR website at or sent via snail mail to:
Panda Paws Rescue
14300 NE 20th Avenue
Unit 163 STE D102
Vancouver, WA 98686

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