Luxury Dog The Blog selected by High Society Hounds !

ENG: I would like to thank High Society Hounds for making Luxury Dog The Blog part of his Top 10 Dog Blog !!
Thank to all of you too for following Luxury Dog The Blog…

ESP: Muchísimas gracias High Society Hounds por hacer a Luxury Dog The Blog parte de su Top 10 de blogs de perros.
Gracias igualmente a todos  por seguir éste blog…

FRA: Je tiens a remercier High Society Hounds pour avoir inclus Luxury Dog The Blog dans son classement des 10 meilleurs blog canin.
Merci a tous également d’être  toujours plus nombreux a nous suivre…


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About Luxury Dog The Blog

Luxury Dog The Blog is a trendy Blog. Covering topics such as luxury, art, dog products, adoption but also problems of society, such as stray dogs, canine abandonment or animal rights. Latest trends, events or scandals, Luxury Dog The Blog ​​share the latest informations you should know. Luxury Dog is on Facebook too: On Instagram: @luxurydogtheblog And on twitter: @luxurydognews

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