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ENG: Brott Dog… This name sounds familiar to you? Probably because Brott is actually on of the most fashion brand for dogs and regularly on Fashionis-dog. Trendy, handmade, and giving 5% of the benefits to animal protection organization, Brott is the (Perfect?) brand making leash and collar for the most fashion dog. But despite all the positive we can see on the web about the brand, is Brott really the brand we were expecting?
I decided to try, and I spent hours  seriously looking at all the different design of the SS14 collection, the choice is really hard to make on the e-shop because i was thinking of my dog with all of them! (ha ha ha ;)…) but I finally had a crush in the “Calella” model, blue and white print.

FRA: Brott Dog… ce nom vous est peut être familier? Surement parce que Brott est l’une des marques les plus a la mode pour les chiens 8et donc régulièrement dans Fashionis-dog). Trendy, fait a la main, et reversant 5% des benefices a des organisations de protection animal, Brott est la marque (parfaite?) qui fabrique ces colliers et laisses a la mode pour nos chiens. Mais même si ce que l’on peut voir sur le net à propos de la marque peut faire rever, Brott est elle vraiment la marque que l’on attendait tous?
J’ai donc tenté.. le collier Brott dog pour Manolo. Après des heures ( oui oui des heures 😉 …) a regarder l’ensemble des nouveaux colliers de la collection Printemps-Été14 je me decide finalement et craque sur le model “Calella” imprimé bleu et blanc.

ESP: Este nombre te suena familiar? Probablemente porque Brott es en realidad una de las marcas de moda para perros y regularmente en Fashionis-dog. A la moda, hecho a mano, y dando un 5% de los beneficios a la organización protectora de animales, Brott es la marca (Perfecta?) que fabrica estas correas y collares a la moda para nuestros perros. Pero a pesar de todo lo positivo que podemos ver en la pagina web de la marca, es Brott realmente la marca que estábamos esperando?
Me decidí a probar, y me pasaba horas mirando seriamente a todos los diferentes diseños de la colección SS14, la elección es realmente dura para hacer en la e-shop, porque yo estaba imaginando a mi perro con todos ellos! (ja ja ja;) …), pero finalmente tuve un flechazo en el modelo “Calella”, la impresión azul y blanco.


Calella by BROTT

ENG: I’ve waited less than a week for having it. I received the leash and the collar white and blue in a black Brott pocket. The product correspond as what i expected, solid, beautiful, trendy and comfortable during the walk.
The reactions of people in the street are each time the same: “I love it, I want the same !” 🙂

FRA: Moins d’une semaine après je reçois finalement l’ensemble laisse et collier rangés dans une house noir Brott. Cela correspond exactement a ce que j´avais osé espérer, solide, beau, trendy, et comfortable durant les promenades. A chaque promenades les reactions sont les mêmes ” J’adore, je veux les mêmes!” 😉

ESP: Esperé menos de una semana para recibirlo. Recibí la correa y el collar blanco y azul en un bolsillo negro Brott. El producto corresponde a lo que esperaba, sólido, hermoso, de moda y cómodo durante la caminata.
Las reacciones de la gente en la calle son cada vez la misma: “Me encanta, yo quiero la misma!” 🙂

Manolo, the dog adopted by Luxury Dog The Blog

Manolo, the dog adopted by Luxury Dog The Blog and his collar & leash by BROTT


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5% of the benefits goes to animal protection organization.

The – :
I don’t really see negative point concerning Brott, but if i really have to say something I could say, they are not present everywhere but this is not a big deal because the shipping is available in the following countries and for the others you can contact and on to see how to receive your Brott collar/leash

Spain, Andorra, Portugal, United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Italy, Switzerland, Holland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Austria, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Greece, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Slovenia, Hungary, Poland and Romania.





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