Luxury Dog The Blog, 1st Birthday


1 year and a half ago, i created the Facebook page Luxury Dog. On October 2013 the concept Luxury Dog The Blog was born, and present on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and, of course, I started it in Paris with the idea to create a catalog of the best luxury items for dogs. Then Ii moved to Mexico city to live and decided to give a new orientation to the concept and changed my vision.

A new vision of Luxury for dogs.The luxury industry for animals is a giant market and the biggest companies started to create accessories for our pets. Chanel, Hermes, Gucci… The fashion industry took the opportunity to gain money. But once I arrived to live in Mexico City, I saw another face of dogs…The ones that stray dogs, living a life on the street, looking for food, skinny and infected with parasites and skins problems. The difficulty for adoption centers to find a place for each of them and the difficulty to raise found through campaign of sensibilization. After living in this reality and being volunteer in Cambia un Destino, I realized that a luxury life for dog was not made of expensive bowls, leash, collars or bed but it was a life in a family.A life full of love and without parasites. After few weeks i was looking for a second adoption center to help by giving of my time. We talked with the employees at Animalia about being a volunteer and we left. At this moment i saw this poor little boy in a small cage really calm with a skin infection on the face, i felt we were made for each other. So we decided to ask to the center if we could go to give him a walk. “Honey” was his name. Medium size, mixed breed, curly hair, color honey. We took him out of this cage and I discovered a dog full of joy and energy. After 15/20 min i felt that this dog had something special. An incredible connection at first sight.

When we came back i asked directly to adopt him, and to pass the interview for a pre-adoption. Sadly this dog was supposed to be adopted the next days and they told us it was not possible. It wasn’t possible, till this girl appear from nowhere and said to the adoption responsible to look at the dogs and how he seems happy, how we looked happy, and said “I know the person who is going to adopt him and i’m sorry this dog has to go with this family, my friend wants him but i can’t let him go with her when i see this kind of connexion, i think it would be a mistake to refuse the adoption of Honey now”. Imagine how surprise and happy we were. 1 hour after, we took Honey home and were looking for a new name. This is how we adopted Manolo.
Why do i talk about this? Because since this day i understand that luxury for dogs is not having a Louis Vuitton transport bag or a Gucci cover but to have a home, to have a chance to be saved, to receive food and care day after day. This is why, for me, luxury, more than possession, is a way of thinking and giving a chance to a dog waiting for a second life. Since this, Luxury dog The Dog promote the adoption, propose regularly dogs in adoption in Mexico, and France, and encourage people to give their time to a shelter, or a pack of food, a cover, a toy, a leash all these little things that can help the volunteer to keep dogs healthy.

Luxury Dog The Blog is now more than a simple blog. It’s a fashion blog, a prevention blog, a pro adoption blog and a community of more than 1,000 dog’s friends. Luxury Dog The Blog is more than a website, it’s a way of living with your dog.

Luxury Dog The Blog thanks all the visitors; followers, brands and supports received this year and is happy to continue this wonderful adventure with all of you. Thank you for being more and more each day to participate to this adventure and make this blog what is it today.
Fundacion Hagenbeck y de la Lama



About Luxury Dog The Blog

Luxury Dog The Blog is a trendy Blog. Covering topics such as luxury, art, dog products, adoption but also problems of society, such as stray dogs, canine abandonment or animal rights. Latest trends, events or scandals, Luxury Dog The Blog ​​share the latest informations you should know. Luxury Dog is on Facebook too: On Instagram: @luxurydogtheblog And on twitter: @luxurydognews

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