New Campaign 2015 “LOST DOGS” (+ pictures ENG/ESP)

As last year, LDTB has decided to launch a new campaign to promote the use of the leash in the city and in the countryside. Each year hundreds of thousands of dogs are lost in the world. Some are found by their owner other found by unknown and adopted and the rest remains to live on the streets. The sadness and guilt a masters can feel is terrible, but we often forgot that a lost hide a sad reality ... the one of the stray dogs. 
Dogs that have not been back comes to live by their own, living in extreme conditions: Lack of food and water, parasites, injuries badly treated, infected wounds and victim of road accident, when the dog lost his master this is a real hell for him.
Take for example, France, with more than 7.8 million dogs on its territory is one of the countries with the most of dogs in the world. But with over 100 000 new stray dogs annually, shelters reached their maximum capacity and can no longer helps all the dog. Road accidents, lack of food or worse, lethal injection in some cases are the reality for thousands dogs around the world. Lethal injection, this is still a taboo for a lot of shelters but are a reality for lot of healthy dogs to make space for new arrivals in shelters.
If the futur of a lost dog (or abandoned) is not sure, one thing is certain, their life is suddenly dark and it is a real nightmare for many of them.

This is to avoid that other dogs end their lives in terrible conditions that LDTB raises his voice once again to responsabilize master and make them aware that a dog with a leash will always have a better future than a lost dog walking free.
In 2015 no matter where you live, there is no excuse to justify the loss of his best friend (Except if an accident as a necklace that breaks happens, for example) Because the leash is not an option but an obligation, and because there are leashes for all tastes, save your dog's life, use the leash.
LDTB invites you to join the movement and share the pictures below to all your contact on social media. You can also find this picture on our twitter account @LuxuryDogNews and on Facebook: Luxury Dog The Blog.(Traduction to spanish coming soon.)
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