Living in Paris, I thought that only few people lost their dog, that it could happen in the countryside or in low urbanized areas but not not in big city where supposedly dogs are kept with a lead. Posters to find lost cats were not uncommon but dogs ... it was exceptional.
2 years ago, I left this beautiful country of France to live in Mexico. It is arriving in Mexico City more precisely that I realized the magnitude of a problem, people are loosing their dog each day in each street of Mexico. 
Here people have one, two, three dogs or even more, this is absolutely crazy how dog-addict Mexican can be. With hundreds of thousands stray dogs across the country and thousands of people owners of a dog it is impossible not to see dogs during 1 day if you walk on the street. The dogs here are of all races, mixed-breed, greyhound Afghanistan, labrador, chihuahua, husky, chowchow, sharpei, Danish giant, xoloitzcuinntle... of all sizes, in all colors, bought or adopted, a kind of paradise for lovers of dogs. But outside the problem of stray dogs population growing, I was surprised to see the number of master walking their dogs off leash in a city as big as Mexico. For sure dog trainers have work here and a lot of people use their service as soon as they have a dog, but a good education is it sufficient to protect you and him of the loss?
In view of the number of posters of people looking their dogs increasing day after day the question deserves to be asked therefore I decided to do some researches on these lost dogs. Are they unhappy dogs wishing to flee their family? What are the causes of these daily losses? Are dogs adopted more at risk for running away considering their past of liberty? It is through the study made by Paco Colmenares, editor of the publication Animalia Magazine and director of that I could get some answers as surprising than interesting that I let you discover today on Luxury Dog The Blog.

ok graph

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