About us

Resume: Created in june 2013 by a Mexican and a French passionate by dog and fashion, Luxury Dog The Blog was at the begining a simple facebook page called “Luxury Dog” talking about Luxury products made for dogs. Little by little, the editorial line knew evolutions and focus specially to 6 domains: Lifestyle, Luxury products, Art & Design, Fashion, News, and Prevention/sensibilisation. October 2013, Luxury Fog is more than a simple facebook page, it´s a blog, a community and a concept, new way to live with your dog…

Why the name “The Luxury Dog Blog”? Because i define luxury in two aspects, first of all the luxury in the first sense, fashion, beauty, exclusives products etc … but also the luxury of being able to communicate in favor of the animal to a large audience, because today it’s a luxury of being able to raise his voice to denounce abuses, defend dog rights, as to encourage the adoption.

Today Luxury Dog The blog  represents a total of more than 400 followers around the world. 1531717_610862222316137_2105038047_n

Contact: Mail: Luxurydogtheblog@gmail.com Facebook: Luxury Dog the Blog Twitter: @Luxurydognews Instagram: @Luxurydogtheblog


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